Packing List


Change Medical Form – Only for those medical changes not entered in your original online Medical Form. Complete and bring it with you to Camp. Please read the form carefully. If your medical situation has not changed since you completed your Camp Application, you do not need this form.

Medication properly labeled. See the medical form for instructions.
3 Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer (personal size) – There may be situations where masks must be worn.


  • Be sure to label all luggage with your name and address.
  • Please limit yourself to no more than 1 bag. There is so little room in the cabins. Under bunk clearance is 12 inches. Large trunks do not work. Duffle bags work best.
  • When using garbage bags for dirty clothes, label the outside so it will not be mistaken for trash!!!


  • Mark your name or initials in each item.
  • Dirty clothes bag – Be sure to put your name or initials on it.
  • Swimsuit (only modest ones, please) and a cover-up robe for going to and from the pool or you can change at the pool.
  • Shirts – Please only modest necklines and arm holes. No one is allowed to wear tank tops, muscle shirts, midriff shirts or very tight fitting clothing.
  • Two pairs of long pants or jeans (in case your shorts do not come to the kneecap).
  • Walking Shorts & Long Pants: – You are permitted to wear loose fitting walking shorts, pants, or skirts which come to the kneecap. We ask your cooperation in this matter so that camp can be as harmonious as possible. If you feel that you cannot enjoy camp while abiding by these rules, please allow your spot to be taken by someone who is on our waiting list. We do not consider our rules as the standard for absolute right or wrong, but only as a collective judgment as to how a large number of young people can live in harmony for one week. We lovingly solicit your kind cooperation.
  • Shoes – Shoes must be always worn when outside on the campground. Athletic-type shoes should be worn for sports activities.
  • Extra pair of shoes (in case of rain).

Bedroll or Single bed linens; blanket and pillow
Towels, wash cloths and toiletries
Sun screen and a hat (especially for those who burn easily) We will be in the sun a lot.
Bible (Note: Smart phones with Bibles are not permitted to be out and used.)
Softball glove (optional)
Sunday Sack Supper – No Sunday evening meal will be served. Drinks will be sold.
$30 spending money – (optional, much less is fine) This should be enough for all Snack Shack and Gift Gallery purchases. For younger Campers – Break up spending money into small amounts. Put it in the packed socks so you will have some each day. Only bring the amount of cash you are willing to lose.


  • Cell phones and internet devices should be left at home. We want your full involvement in what is happening at Camp. If your parents want you to have a phone for travel security, on arrival at Camp call your parents. After the Sunday evening worship assembly, a cell phone and internet free zone will be observed. All camper phones and internet devices will be stored and then returned to campers on Saturday AM. This is a must! It will be enforced!
  • Radios, stereos, recorders, walkie-talkies, electronic games should be left at home. We will be making our own music and playing together. The only exception to this rule is for equipment brought to be used in the talent show. Jewelry, expensive watches, rings, large amount of cash or other valuables should not be brought. The rooms will not be locked.
  • Water Guns, Shaving Cream, Rubber Bands etc. – No Water Fights Will Be Allowed. All equipment brought for these purposes will be taken up and held.