Medical Procedures

  • The Camp has two nurses who serve as first aid volunteers and administer medication schedules.
 Local Medical Facilities
  • The Camp uses the medical facilities (hospital and medical clinic) in Lake Charles and DeRidder, LA to treat all medical emergencies that require something more than first aid.
  • In the event of a medical emergency requiring more than first aid, we will contact the camper’s parents using the information that the parents’ have provided.
  • All medications (Rx and over the counter) that are brought to Camp must be listed in the Medication section of your Medical Form that is a part of your Camp Application. Medications need to be in their original containers with pharmacy label.
  • Please be careful to indicate on your Medical Form which medications (Rx and over the counter) will be administered only by the nurses and which are to be self administered by campers with the parents’ knowledge and permission. Usually, self administered is reserved for older campers and over the counter medications.
  • If the camper has a medical condition that puts them at greater risk of the virus, you should seriously consider not sending them to Camp this year. We CANNOT guarantee that a camper will not contract the virus at Camp. There are inherent risks in coming to Camp and given the nature of Camp and its activities (sports, cabin lodging, shared bathrooms, bible classes, cafeteria-style meals, etc.), everyone who attends must accept these risks. By attending Camp, you acknowledge the foregoing facts and that you have assessed and accepted on behalf of yourself and/or your child, the risks/benefits of attending Camp
  • All campers are covered by a secondary accidental insurance policy which is relatively small but adequate to cover most camp situations.
  • All medical costs not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the camper’s parents/guardians.
Before Camp
  • Be on the alert for an email detailing any change in protocols related to COVID-19 or any other medical situation.
 At Camp
  • Turn in your medication that is to be administered by the nurse.
  • Change Medical Form: If there are changes to your Medical Form (Rx, insurance, etc.) that are not included in the original online Medical Form, you must complete this form and bring it to Camp and submit it to the nurse at check-in. Get the form here: Change Medical Form