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Before and After Camp

Florida College Camp
P. O. Box 333
Alief, TX 77411-0333

General Info:

Secretary:    Erin Stevenson – 832.444.9154
Director:     John M. Kilgore – 281.498.8782

During Camp

Mail Call for Campers:

Only mail via the Post Office, FedEx, UPS, etc. will be accepted (no packages left by parents on Sunday to be delivered throughout the week). Mail can be slow and any mail arriving after Camp will not be delivered.

(Camper’s Name)
Florida College Camp
P. O. Box 580
Dry Creek, LA 70637-0580

Physical Address for UPS, FedEx, etc:
(Camper’s Name)
Florida College Camp
8237 Hiwy 113
Dry Creek, LA 70637-0580

For Info & Emergencies:

337.328.7302 – FC Dry Creek Camp Office
337.328.7531 – Campground Office
Fax: 866.395.2786

Email us at: