Conduct & Dress

It is the purpose of the camp to create an atmosphere permeated by the values and love of Christ. Each camper is expected to follow the rules of the Camp and to respect the counselors’ instructions.

Campers are to wear modest clothing. Please, only modest necklines and arm holes. No one is allowed to wear tank tops, muscle shirts, midriff shirts or very tight fitting clothing. Loose fitting walking shorts, pants, or skirts coming to the kneecap are permitted. We do not regard our dress code as the absolute standard of right and wrong, but a balanced approach at harmonizing many diverse opinions. If adhering to this standard is not what you are willing to do, please do not apply to the Camp.

Your daily camp attire is suitable for all activities, thus eliminating the need for frequent dress changes. Please do not over pack. There is very limited space in the cabins.

No use of tobacco, any smoked substance, alcohol, or non-prescribed drugs, possession of weapons or abuse of camp facilities is permitted.

There is no mixed swimming. Modest attire must be worn to and from the pool.

Proper relationship between boys and girls is to be maintained at all times.