Bus Transportation

Not Available this Year!

The bus picks up on Sunday AM and returns to the same location on Saturday PM. On Sunday, the bus stops for worship services and for lunch arriving at the Camp around 3 PM. On the return trip on Saturday, the bus stops only for lunch. If there is insufficient ridership to charter the bus, you will be notified and your bus fee fully refunded.

  • Cost per rider for both round trip and one way: $80
  • Schedule

You will be dropped off after Camp at the same bus stop where you were picked up before Camp. No changes to the drop-off stop can be made without a note signed by your parent or guardian.

 How To Pack and What To Wear:

  • Change Medical Form/Medicine – If needed, bring your completed and signed Change Medical Form and give it to the bus chaperone. If you are bringing medication that will be given by the nurse, please pack it in your luggage for easy access. You will give your medicine to the nurse at Check-In.
  • Luggage – Mark all luggage with your name and address. Please limit your luggage to no more than 2 pieces, one large and one small bag (1 bag would be even better.)
  • Meals – Bring $14 cash which will cover 2 meals, one going and one returning. Have your money in your pocket or your purse — not in your luggage.
  • Sunday Night Supper – Bring a sack lunch for Sunday night supper at Camp.
  • Sunday Dress – On Sunday, dress appropriately for worship services. After services, you can change into Camp attire. Luggage will be inaccessible while packed on the bus. Please bring the clothes you wish to change into in a small bag or sack.
  • Your things – When leaving the bus at Camp or returning to your home, please take all of your belongings with you. Items left on the bus are usually not retrievable.