Acceptance Policy/Waiting List


Grades 3-12 (grade completed by Camp time) with priority acceptance to grades 4-12.

Acceptance Policy:

Primary Rule:

We accept all campers according to the gender and grade quotas we have set for that year’s Camp. In other words, we accept so many 5th grade girls, 9th grade boys, etc. We strive for a balance of the grades and genders. This is the first and primary rule we use and it takes precedence over all other secondary rules. Since we normally have more applications than we have beds, your application is not a guarantee of acceptance. We notify all applicants of acceptance or waiting list by the first of May.

Secondary Rules
  • All Applications received on or before April 15 are treated equally as far as the date received is concerned. This is done to equalize the opportunity for all to apply.
  • Applications from returning campers and their siblings received up to April 15 will be accepted into the Camp first.
  • All remaining campers will be accepted on an earliest date received basis.
  • If multiple campers are equal as far as date received, preference is given to the camper who was on the waiting list the previous year.
  • Waiting List – All campers who are not accepted are placed on a waiting list and are contacted as soon as we have an opening on an earliest date received basis. Please do not contact us. More information is listed below.

Waiting List:

  • Usually we have more campers to apply than we can accept. If you are not accepted, you will be notified that you are on the Waiting List. As soon as we have an opening, we will contact you by phone. If time permits, we will leave a message with a time limit for a returned phone call. If time does not permit and the  phone is not answered, we move to the next person on our Waiting List. So during the few days between public notification of the Waiting List and Camp, please answer your phone.
  • Please do not contact us for more information about your waiting list status. If you are not ultimately accepted, all of your money will be refunded. For more information, See FAQ.