Florida College

Florida College campers often say that camp is the best week of the year. Florida College camps like Dry Creek Camp give young people a small taste of the atmosphere that Florida College provides for its students, full of spiritual growth, making memories and building lifelong relationships. Learn more about Florida College here.


Camp Friends:

From left to right: Malachi Bard, Tessa Jamieson, Josh Jones (Group Leader), Ellie Thorpe, Tyson Boatright

Camp Friends are Florida College’s student ambassadors at the 23 Florida College camps in 18 different states. Camp Friends are selected by the office of admissions, and are then assigned in groups to travel to various camps during the summer to share their love for Florida College.

Falcon Days:

Dry Creek campers are invited on a special trip to visit Florida College for Falcon Days. Learn more.


Dry Creek Camp awards scholarships to those campers who are students at Florida College.

If you want to complete the application, download to your computer first then fill it in. The form does not work properly within a browser.

FC Dry Creek Scholarship Application.

The Hutchinson Bell:

The Hutchinson Bell is Florida College’s official alumni and friends association. The local chapter of The Hutchinson Bell also provides scholarships to young people planning to attend Florida College. Learn more about how you can get involved with a local chapter of The Hutchinson Bell here.