For 40+ years, Dry Creek Camp has been a place where good kids are getting better!

Nothing can take the place of home and family, but a week at Dry Creek Camp can be the adventure of a lifetime in a safe and spiritually wholesome environment. Our campers learn a lot about themselves and the friends they make at camp.

The Florida College Dry Creek Camp is dedicated to two purposes:

  1. Creating an environment where good kids can get better by following the principles of Christ in all that we say and do.
  2. Promoting the advantages of attending Florida College, where Christian values are practiced and supported. For informaiton on Florida College go to

Join us for the adventure!


The Florida College Dry Creek Camp Staff uses these marks to challenge and prepare us to serve your children and our campers. We want you to know how we think and how we prepare for each Camp every year.

The Marks of a Great Camp:

1. Nature’s Beauty – Camp is a chance to bring some simplicity back to our lives, to gain a personalized understanding of God the creator, and to be faced with the wonder of God’s created world. Our focus is on God and His creation not a screen or a cell phone.

2. History and Tradition – We are standing on the shoulders of four generations who have gone before us; whose generosity and wisdom lift us up to new heights, and give us the confidence to try for even greater things. We want your child to see where they fit in to this long line of young people who have benefited from Florida College Dry Creek Camp.

3. Vision – Big dreams aren’t happenstance, they first have to be formed and shared to gain the trust of those who can help make them happen. Not just “better” but a vision that reflects a greater purpose, and a legacy to future generations. We look not only at what is today but what our campers can become, servants of God.

4. Leadership – This is the single most important component of Camp success, and the most distinguishing factor of success over the years. By leadership, we are not only speaking of the director, but also leadership at all levels especially among the younger staff members and camper leaders as well. In our effort to make good kids  better, we hope to be your partner in demonstrating not only what good leadership qualities are but how to recognize it in others.

5. Partnership with Parents – Kids aren’t the customers, parents are and having “fun” isn’t our only goal. When parents are asked what is most important in choosing a camp, they say safety, high-quality staff, increased camper self-respect through skill development, new and better friends, and then fun. We strive to provide all of these for your child but yet in a fun environment.

6. Relationships – It’s not the activities that most campers come back for. It’s the chance to create friendships with other campers and young and old adults. It is our endeavor to help your child develop relationships that last much longer than the week at Dry Creek. Friends Forever!

7. Facilities – Facilities that facilitate a good program and sustain high performance is what great camps have. Even though we do not own our campground, our facilities are excellent and maintained by a dedicated and helping staff. We do our part by the little things we do to maintain them. We are blessed to be able to share this wonderful campground with your camper.

8. God in Our Lives – For this world to make sense, for us to understand the meaning of life and our place in it, we have to understand the spiritual connection we have to our Creator and to each other. At Dry Creek Camp, faith is made visible and shared with your children.

Florida College Dry Creek Camp has much to commend it, but greatness is not a static achievement. We strive every year for 1% improvement in 100 ways to make the camp a place where good kids are getting better. It is our goal for each new camp, every year. We hope to strive with your children for that completeness of maturity that belongs to the fullness of Christ.