Activities & Crafts

Check out the many things that you can do, a different thing each day, Monday through Thursday. You rank your choices in order of your preference. Usually you can get most if not all of the things you want to do. There is something cool for every one, every day. When you fill out your application, you will be able to choose your preference of which activity/craft you would like to participate in. To help you to choose, you can download this pdf file or read below.


Learn new songs or sing old favorites. You won’t be disappointed. You can participate all 4 days if you like.

Adventure Park

3 story, high-ropes challenge course. Over 50 elements & multiple exit options and dual 500-foot zip lines. The Giant Swing is also included in this activity. Closed toe shoes required. To get an idea watch these short videos:  
There is $20 additional fee per person for 1 day’s activities/craft time.


The sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows at targets. Your targets may be enhanced with balloons.


Team sport. Need at least 3 – 5 on each team. Come get your dribbling and shooting fun and compete with other teammates.

Board Games

Anyone up for competition? Fast paced games available in air condition comfort.

Colorama & Rock Art

It’s all the rage. Color your choice of beautiful illustrations, pictures of animal, flowers, or paint your favorite rock. Very calming and satisfying.


Always wanted to act on stage. Meet with others who want to perform. Bring your props and ideas.

Drift Trikes & Crate Stacking

Race big tricycles around the track with friends. How many crates can you stack and stand on? Climb to new heights as you stack milk crates on top of each other. Don’t worry, you will be harnessed in for safety.


Fishing is the practice of catching or attempting to catch fish with a hook that is generally known as angling. You can always return the fish to the water. Campers have caught some big fish. Try your luck.

Leather Bracelets

Hand lettering is the illustration of drawn letters that come together to create a single, unified piece. Come learn from experts how to make your own design on canvas or boards.


The Newshound, Camp newspaper. Written daily by you about what’s happening at camp that day.

Nine Square, Tetherball & Gaga Ball

If you like fast-paced games, bring your energy to play these games. You will be delighted.

Rifle Range

New targets. This will be a challenge to see how good you are at hitting your target.

Shrinky Dinks® and Perler Beads

Draw or trace or copy any image onto a Shrinky Dinks sheet, then bake. Fascinating. You may also want to make a project using Perler Beads. The designs and ideas are almost limitless.

String Art

Pins and thread art. Using an arrangement of colored thread strung between points to form designs.  Draw or design pictures.

Wood Burning

Using simple wood burning tools and easy techniques to help you add designs to a bare wood project.

Grades 7–12:


2 person canoes and kayaks include paddling and balancing while moving fast across open water. Of course, your partner should be as coordinated as you are, or you are all likely to end up in the cool wet water. Life vests are worn by all. Sign up if you are 7th grade or higher.